Saturday, 15 August 2015

Late Summer

Somehow I managed to catch this Peacock butterfly balancing on some buddleia earlier this week as it was being blown about in quite a strong and humid breeze. 

The bright colours contrast vividly with the parched countryside which surrounds us at the moment.

The fields of wheat have been transformed by the summer sun over the past month changing from deep green to golden.

Surely they must be ready to harvest by now?

Grasses and weeds along the verges have turned golden too...

...displaying their seed heads all dried out and ready for dispersal.

It won't be long before our hedges and trees start to begin to turn colour as thoughts turn to a new season.

Unfortunately the horse chestnut trees are in an unsightly state due to leaf miners...

...which completely ruin the appearance of the leaves during the summer months.

Luckily this doesn't affect the trees' conker producing capability and they are full of them right now...

 ...and the oaks are full of acorns too.

A couple of conkers have already decided that this year has moved on and are lying on the ground waiting to split open.

 Looks like autumn is just around the corner!

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