Thursday, 6 August 2015

Colour Combinations

My flower patches have slowly multiplied and I've managed to make a variety of different colour combinations as follows, starting with the middle colour first and working outwards.

Pomegranate, fondant, shrimp, wisteria and saffron.

Fondant, saffron, spring green, aspen and aster.

Pomegranante, saffron, citron, meadow and fondant.

Fondant, plum, raspberry, saffron and wisteria.

Citron, aspen, aster, pomegranate and candyfloss.

Shrimp, cloud blue, turquoise, saffron and aspen.

Saffron, shrimp, plum, wisteria and fondant.

Citron, magenta, wisteria, turquoise and saffron.

Shrimp, wisteria, magenta, citron and meadow.

Citron, aster, cloud blue, aspen and pomegranate.

Shrimp, candyfloss, fondant, aster and turquoise.

Saffron, fondant, pomegranate, spring green and cloud blue.

Candyfloss, shrimp, saffron, cloud blue and magenta.

Raspberry, candyfloss, citron, fondant and spring green.

Fondant, pomegranate, candyfloss, magenta and wisteria.

Saffron, turquoise, aspen, candyfloss and shrimp.

Citron, wisteria, meadow, candyfloss and magenta.

Now I've just got to crochet them all together!


  1. Absolutely lovely colours, can't wait till they are sewn together.

  2. I love these - fantastic colour choices! So bright and cheerful, my favourites are the loud, bright clashy ones that seem to work so well!


    1. Thanks Debbie, I'm glad I've got these pictures because they show what a blanket would look like if the same colour combination was used for all the squares. Might help me when making decisions about future projects.