Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Too Many WIPs

Somehow I've managed to get myself in the position of having five WIPs on the go at once and yet I still keep looking for new things to start. Crazy!

First I've got my flower patches which are progressing very nicely.

Then I've got some other flower squares which I started months ago but abandoned because I changed my mind about what I would make with them. I still haven't come up with an alternative idea.

I've unraveled the shawl that I mentioned last month when I was choosing new colours and started to make it again using a bigger hook.

I've also found that I've made a small pile of Nicki Trench lido flowers without any real conscious decision to do so - they just appeared in front of my eyes.

Finally, I've really taken to recycling yarn so much so that I've been using tiny scraps of left over flower patches yarn to make dinky grannies.

So when I've finished all these WIPs I'll need new yarn, won't I? I've already received the pastel colours that I wrote about last month and I've ordered some more colours just to ensure that I've got a bit of choice.

I also couldn't resist getting some Drops Safran to try out on something too. It's less than half price at the moment at Wool Warehouse so I'd have been daft not to jump at the chance.

All these WIPs and new yarn should keep me going until at least 2016!!!

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