Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Too Hot for Crochet

It's too hot for crochet today as we have our hottest July day ever on record with the temperature in my house currently in the mid 80s and earlier outside in the shade in my garden it was about 101 degrees farenheit! Oh how I wish we had air conditioning!!! Unfortunately it's just not worth it for the odd few scorchio days that we get each year.

So I'm posting some pictures instead from a walk last week to see what was growing in the fields. There has been talk of new houses being put up but I was pleased to see that the fields were ploughed by early March, indicating that something might be sewn in them.

New green shoots had grown through by mid April.

Since then it's been difficult to see in to the fields because the hedges came alive with greenery and obscured the view. Last week though, I found a small gap through which I could see that crops are growing.

Further down the hedge a larger gap enabled me to access the edge of the fields so that I could see what was there. I think that the crop is wheat.

From a distance the fields looks green but close up you can see that the wheat is already beginning to turn golden.

I'm glad that we've got wheat in the fields this year, rather than new houses, and look forward to seeing it ripen as the season moves along.

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