Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Orange and Red

All around us our garden is starting to fade and show signs of moving on significantly from the glorious heights of spring and early summer. However, some of the brightest colours are out in our garden right now and will carry on for weeks on end yet.

Our Hertfordshire roses started to flower in June and have been known to still be flowering shortly before Christmas in some years!

Our hanging baskets have bulked up enormously even thought I haven't given them any Miracle Grow yet. They are so lovely to walk past as I come and go.

I've been busy chopping down all sorts of stuff as the garden has been a bit neglected in recent years and lots of the evergreens and shrubs have gone wild so I'm being really brutal this year to compensate for past apathy. It's paying off though as I can already see new buds on a shrub that I virtually hacked down to the ground in June. 

One of my favourite flowers in our garden at this time of year are these orange day lilies which were given to me years ago. I counted over 30 stems last week just before they started flowering. In other years they've flowered from around the time the schools break up until just before the August bank holiday so they always remind me of late summer, time off, warm days and the last of the (really) long evenings before autumn kicks in.

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