Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Country Show Part 2 (Flowers and Veg)

I can't say that I know anything about growing veg or arranging flowers, however, plenty of other people certainly do and had been very busy in advance of the show. There wasn't a petal out of place or a bit of dirt left on any of the veg and everything had been carefully arranged and laid out for all to see. The judges' cards left on the tables revealed the winners, red for 1st, blue for 2nd, green for 3rd and pink for 4th. I lost count of all the different categories of entries which had come from miles and miles around. The marquee was full of admiring visitors, me included. I haven't got the motivation or enthusiasm to spend time creating and caring for something that is short lived so I admire the dedication of all those who created this year's spectacle.

Trade stand display above left
Veg displayed by a shop local to the show
Trade stand orchids

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