Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hello Summer!

By the time we get to June there's not much left to flower in our garden because most of our plants are spring orientated, with just a few left to come out over the summer. One such plant is our gypsophila which started off the month in tight little buds...

...and has been flowering beautifully for the past week or so.

We were given this statue a couple of years ago and she hides away among the geraniums all summer long. I often look at her and wonder what on earth she is thinking about.

I'm not sure what this plant is called. We originally had a bit in a pot and it has spread around the garden. It grows in really dry soil and I've even seen it growing out of brickwork in other places.

We have both the red and white versions of it and I'm quite happy for it to pop up wherever it fancies.

I love looking at the geraniums once the gypsophila is out because the colours complement each other so well.

I'm not sure if the baubles on this shrub are flowers or berries but I love  the creamy new growth and the bonus is it's an evergreen so I can look at it all year round.

Just look at that gypsophila...

...and the geranium.

Also in bud at the beginning of the month were the roses, not that we have many.

This is a patio rose and it has come back year after year, without any help from me. I've never fed it or done anything to help it along.

This white rose has grown from the root stock of a once standard tree type rose that died suddenly and then sprouted from the base.

I just love this colour!

The gypsohphila looks like a floral waterfall behind the white rose and the colours are so restful together.

I don't know much about roses and wonder if this is an old rose?

The patio rose has such a different shape from the white rose and seems to have three buds which have rolled in to one.

As our back garden has pretty much faded for this year, unless I plant some bedding plants, it'll just look like different shades of green from now onwards.  Lots of stuff needs cutting back but I've already filled our garden bin for this two week cycle so I've moved round to the side of the house to try and add a bit of colour around there instead.

I didn't get around to making my own hanging baskets this year, mainly because it's been so gloomy and cold so I wasn't really in the mood for getting my hands dirty.

But yesterday I decided to go to a garden centre and spotted these baskets already made up with trailing calibrachoa. I just couldn't resist them!

Perhaps it was because they are so vibrantly coloured or just lazyness on my part but I got four of them, two purple, one yellow and one orange.

The sun came out when I got home and I slung the old baskets in the bin and hung these up straight away.

I'll have to dig out the miracle grow and watering can and get in to the routine of watering and feeding them to make them last as long as possible.

What a difference a bit of summer colour makes!

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