Monday, 18 May 2015

Ne'er Cast a Clout...

...until May be out!

I'm not casting my clouts on most days and I'm even still reaching for the heating in the evenings.

I thought that the saying related to the month of May but apparently it might relate to the Hawthorne (above). I've also heard it said that it refers to May blossom, in general.

Whatever the saying means, May is a lovely green month which brings lots of beautiful flowers out as it progresses, including more weeds.

The Montana Clematis is very popular around here, as is the Cow Parsley which has taken over the verges.

There is gorgeous Wisteria too.

The Horse Chestnuts flower in two colours, the pink/red ones and the white ones. I don't know if the colour makes any difference to the conkers that will be produced later in the year?

This Ceanothus is stunning, but I caught it at its best.

I also caught the Hawthorne at its peak too, looking as fresh as a daisy, all smothered in blossom.

The petals on our next door neighbours' Montana Clematis look like they've been made with crepe paper.

The Cow Parsley, or mother-die, is so delicate and floaty at the moment. I quite like it when it's like this.

One of my favourite spring flowers is Aquilegia, which pops up in new shapes and colours every year.

I think that I've seen this one before in garden centres. We might have even planted one ourselves years ago.

Our Lilac hasn't grown much over the years but I love the colour of it.

One of my absolute spring favourites has to be the forget-me-not, which self-seeds everywhere, given half a chance.

Whilst May is a wonderful time of year, I just wish it would hurry up and warm up a bit around here.

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