Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fields of Yellow

I took my camera with me when we went shopping yesterday and was greeted on the journey by fields of yellow which are at their best at the moment, adding a welcome splash of colour to the countryside.

When the wind blew in the right direction, I could smell the oilseed rape in the air.  It's really quite a pleasant smell.

The new fluffy green growth in the hedgerows partially obscured a lot of the fields from view.

As we made our way through the countryside, I caught unobstructed glimpses here and there.

It looked really pretty as we descended from the top of a hill in to a village.

I also saw some lambs and sheep enjoying the outdoors in a field with a lovely old dry stone wall, what's left of it!

I continued to see the beautiful oilseed rape crop...


...after field.

It seems to be growing...

...just about everywhere this year!

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