Monday, 20 April 2015

Wow, April's well and truly here!

I think that this month started off very bare for the time of year. Normally by the first of the April the horse chestnut leaves are beginning to emerge, but not this year.  They hung on for a week to two more weeks into the month before beginning to reveal their floppy new shoots.

I always love April because everything seems to erupt, not only the greenery but the flowers and clouds of blossom as well.

Lots of my favourite plants, at home and around and about, have been competing for attention such as the blossoming trees, magnolias, cowslips, ribes, forsythia, tulips, grape hyacinths, carpets of celandines, fields of oilseed rape, as well as all the fresh green leaves.

The sun climbs to such heights now that it can feel quite warm and in sheltered spots the daffodils are already gone.

The only drawback in April is the weeds, especially dandelions, which return with a vengeance!

I resisted the urge to blow the seeds everywhere

I can't post pictures at the moment so will add them as soon as I can.

Updated on Monday 27th in a convoluted way to add the pictures plus a few more which were taken after the original post. I know that there are loads of them, but I cut it down to around 50 from over 150! It's just such a beautiful time of year!!!

I would have written more about the pictures if I hadn't had computer problems but I feel that time has already moved on and that I should too.  I might add captions retrospectively instead.

Early April

A week later and mostly in bloom...

...alongside the forsythia

I've seen this magnolia flowering for over ten years and... has virtually no frost damage this year

Absolutely beautiful!

Photinia looking unseasonably christmassy

Mid April and the horse chestnuts are finally turning green... revealing their floppy new leaves

I love this bungalow's tree - a cherry tree?

Our cowslips

Amelanchier buds in our garden...

...burst into flower in mid April

I love the colour of our weeping cherry in bud...

...also in flower by mid April

What a glorious sight

Our weeping cherry again with amelanchier behind


I wonder what is sprouting in the fields

Our canary bird rose a third of the way in to the month...

...was flowering in the last week of the month

Bud burst on our acer in mid April

Last week in the month

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