Saturday, 21 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

We had an eclipse yesterday and were blessed with sunshine so I could join in with trying to capture some images of it. I could not watch it directly because I don't have any fancy equipment nor do I have a pair of the special protective cardboard glasses that folks on the news were wearing. I decided to opt for the colander instead and it worked perfectly. This picture was taken after the eclipse had fully passed and shows the sunlight passing through the holes, creating normal circle shapes on to the projected surface behind.

The next picture clearly shows crescents of light in the circles during the peak of the eclipse when the moon's shadow obscured the rest of the sunlight. Apparently an image projected in this way needs to be turned upside down and back to front in order to see how it would have looked with the naked eye.

We were either in the 85 or 90 percent eclipse coverage area and the light was very strange, maybe dream like, but it was exactly the same as when we last had an eclipse in 1999. Then I remember seeing quite a large plot of sunflowers which all dipped their heads as the eclipse reached its peak. The next eclipse in the UK is not until 2026 and then 2090 so I might not see such a clear image again.

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