Saturday, 7 March 2015

Venturing Outside

As the sun was shining so nicely yesterday, I decided to venture out for a walk after I'd tasted one of the scones that I'd made earlier.

My walk took me past this dinky church which is adjacent to the grounds of the old vicarage in which a horse was a grazing.

 The garden opposite is still full of snowdrops.

As is part of the grave yard. The old vicarage can be seen in the background.

 I love the old wooden gates on the lychgate.

A little bit further down the road are some Victorian cottages which don't look anywhere near as poky as cottages are meant to be.

At the end of this dry stone wall on the left at the bend there is one part which is low enough that you can see over the top of it... to a woody area which was covered in aconites and snowdrops earlier this year.  As in the church yard and garden opposite it, the snowdrops are still flowering here.  If you look carefully towards the left and middle of the picture you can just about make out some aconites too.

The horses looked happy munching away in their field as I passed them.

Some of the other fields were ploughed a couple of weeks ago revealing a rich brown soil.  I don't think that they have been planted yet which is why they are as bare as the trees and hedges which surround them.

If you go around the side of this gate in to the fields you can see the church in a neighbouring village.

It wasn't foggy yesterday like it was towards the back end of November last year when I was last here.

Back around the gate and over the road I found some proper signs of Spring!

Oh, what a lovely sight!!!

I ventured outside again today and came across a couple of horses in a field behind this magnificent horse chestnut tree...

...casting the most wonderful shadows in the opposite direction.

At first the horses were quite happy doing their own thing.

Then they came over to see if I had food.

One was adamant that he (or she) was going to have a close up so I obliged minus the tips of his/her ears!

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