Tuesday, 24 February 2015

More Fairy Cakes

After my last attempt at fairy cakes I made some more, with an increase in the mixture of 33% to make them bigger, so that they filled the bun cases to the top.  I also bought an icing bag to try and get a better finish with the icing. Unfortunately it was a disaster because I used 100% butter with icing sugar and it was too stiff to pipe with.  It therefore broke the icing bag, so I had to layer the icing on with a knife, as I'd done before.

This morning I decided to gave it another go and cause more chaos in the kitchen.  However, everything went well this time.

Cuppa Crochet
The buns rose so much that I'm thinking about reducing the amount of mixture a little bit, because some were spilling out of their cases.

I decided to use Anchor Spreadable, rather than block butter, to make the icing with this time, hoping for a softer result.  Without an icing bag, I resorted to using a freezer bag with an icing nozzle which I got with the bag that I broke last time and it worked out fine.  Whilst the piped icing wasn't visually perfect, it flowed freely from the bag without breaking it. Success at last - I just need to practice a bit more.

Cuppa Crochet

I bought Jelly Tots yesterday to put on top of the buns, however, by the time I decorated them, I'd quality tasted so many of them that there were only just enough left!.

Cuppa Crochet

I used 5 oz of spreadable butter and just over 8 oz icing sugar to make the icing this time.  I felt that there was too much icing when I ate one of the cakes this afternoon. Therefore, in future, I might go back to 2 1/2 oz butter and 4 oz icing sugar, like I used last time.

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