Thursday, 15 January 2015

Granny Stripe Blanket

Before I started this blanket in November I made a sample of granny stripe using two rows of each colour and it came out great.  What I didn't learn from the sample was that when each stripe is crocheted in a different colour you still need to turn the work.  I started each row at the same end so that the front of each stitch was always visible on the front of the blanket.  Unfortuntely after a considerable amount of crocheting the rhombus shape became more and more evident so I had to unpick it all and start again.

Cuppa Crochet

When I got back to where I'd started to unpick this blanket I think I became a little worn out with it because I already felt I'd done lots of work and should have made more progress so that's when I switched and started working on the button-up fingerless gloves instead.  Whilst making those I realised that I was crocheting incorrectly but didn't want to unpick the granny stripe for a second time so when I returned to the blanket I continued with the unnecessary chain stitch following each treble.

Cuppa Crochet

I normally work the ends in as I go along but for some reason left them all until the end this time.  I really wish that I hadn't done that!

Cuppa Crochet

When I got around to adding the border I was able to start crocheting properly at last and chose #128 from Edie Eckman's Around The Corner Crochet Borders.

Cuppa Crochet

Cuppa Crochet

In no particular order the Stylecraft double knitting colours that I chose to make this blanket with were Teal, Aspen, Candyfloss, Violet, Fondant, Raspberry, Wisteria, Clematis, Turquoise, Spring Green, Aster, Cloud Blue, Magenta and Plum working with a 3.5 mm hook.

Fingers crossed, no more gappy crochet from me!


  1. Found your blog from crochet along on Cherry Heart. Love your blanket. I really like the edging you picked. I wish I could learn from books. I have to watch videos. Keep up the good work on your blog!

    1. Thanks you for your lovely comments - I'm actually planning on unpicking the outer edging because it's mostly chain work and the yarn is too floppy to keep it from curling. So unfortunately I'll have to find an alternative!