Friday, 9 January 2015

Button-up Fingerless Gloves

Years ago I was given a box of Anchor tapestry threads intended to be used to make small knitted items which never materialised.  I came across the box recently and thought it was a shame that I'd never got around to doing anything with it so decided to use some of the threads to crochet a pair of Cherry Heart fingerless gloves. 

Cuppa Crochet

I started making these gloves in early December but they turned out a little gappy looking because I was still crocheting incorrectly.  Whilst I'd realised how to crochet properly before starting on the button band I had to keep the gappy body of the first glove because I didn't have enough thread to re-make it as well as another glove. 

Cuppa Crochet

These gloves are a bit draughty on their own but add a layer of warmth and colour when worn over the top of a pair of normal gloves.

Cuppa Crochet

Given that I hadn't crocheted these gloves properly, I didn't spend a lot on the buttons which I finally picked out and sewed on to each glove not long before the new year.  (This picture looks odd because my camera can't recognise colours properly in artificial light!)

I fully intend to return to this pattern and have another go now that I know how to crochet correctly.

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