Sunday, 7 December 2014

How NOT to crochet and Mini Daisy Blanket

Updated July 2015 to add Mini Daisy Blanket back to blog (follows after this post) because I accidentally deleted the original post!

After I made my first granny square blanket I was full of enthusiasm and tried all sorts of different squares but none of them seemed to come out right even though I tried different hook sizes and yarns so I pushed crochet aside in favour of other things.

Earlier this year I started looking at crochet again and all the lovely images on the internet motivated me to have another go at it.  I made a daisy blanket which came out alright (or so I thought at the time) so I continued to crochet other items.  However, when I looked closer a couple of days ago at how my fingerless wrist warmers are turning out in comparison with the pictures on Cherry Heart's blog (from where I obtained the pattern), I realised that something is still definitely wrong with my crochet.  It looks like each stitch is too wide apart but I couldn't work out why.

Cuppa Crochet

I dug out my first treble crochet attempt from a couple of years ago and set about trying to determine why I could crochet then (bottom in above picture) but not now (top in above picture) and after a while realised that I have been adding an extra chain to each stitch so it is turning out like filet crochet.

I've unpicked a few African flowers (pattern also on Cherry Heart's blog) and re-made them correctly.  Thankfully it has worked - I can crochet after all!!!

Cuppa Crochet


This post was originally made on 11 December 2014 and I've recreated it here based on what I could find through the search facility.

In May of this year [2014] I found some beautiful crochet on Tillie Tulip's blog including a pattern for a daisy square. Using my 'how not to crochet' method, I made the squares but they came out a bit rough around the edges so I added a row of trebles around each one to try and straighten them out a bit.

When I put the squares together I arranged them like diamonds but after joining them all together I decided that I didn't like the top and bottom far right and left squares as they flapped about a bit because they were joined to another square on one side only.

I left the blanket for a while and decided that I'd have to unpick the border to get rid of the offending end squares. After I removed the squares I crocheted the border again but I'm still not happy about the V shapes along the edges. They curl up a bit and don't look flat. I haven't had the heart to unpick it again but given that I made the blanket using the 'how not to crochet' method I may even unpick the whole thing and start again from scratch! 

The yarn that I used to make this blanket was James C Brett Baby Shimmer double knitting.

To update this post in July 2015, I decided not to unravel this blanket and instead I cut it up in to four pieces for our cats to use as bedding during the winter. 

At least it will get some use this way and I'm sure that the cats will love snuggling up in them.

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