Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Bobbly Bits

Sometimes I find a surprise in a spare cupboard like I did recently when I came across a couple of children's cardigans which only needed buttons and to be sewn together to finish them. Unfortunately when I ironed one I completely ruined the border so both of them were put away because I was making them for a couple of girls and couldn't give one without the other. Looking at them all these years later I decided to get rid of the 'ruined' one and to finish the other.

This cardigan is made with a yarn that's very similar to James C Brett Baby Shimmer only it's got tiny bobbly bits in it as well. The pattern is Peter Pan V Neck Cardigan P960 but I kept it plain and didn't bother with the stripes, pockets and bubble border which are features of the original design. So 11 years on I have a size 2 to 3 years of age cardigan for a girl who is now 12. I suspect that it might be a bit small for her :-(

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Colours of Westonbirt

It was a shock to the system as it is every year when the clocks went back a few weeks ago. Suddenly we were plunged in to darkness as well as being surrounded by pumpkins, fireworks and late Autumn. I normally try my best to forget about the lack of daylight and jolly myself along until Spring. It's a time to put the garden to sleep and to try and catch up a bit indoors before Christmas kicks in.

Although Autumn started early, with Hawthorne leaves beginning to turn yellow in August, the season seems to have rushed by this year before I could get myself out and about to take some photos. Whilst looking through pictures that I've got stored on my computer I came across photos that I took at Westonbirt Arboretum a number of years ago when we had a break in Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire (watch out for the cows on the common).

The Arboretum was at it's Autumn peak in the last week of October and the colours were absolutely amazing. It's a long way from where we live and I doubt that I'll ever get back there again so I'm pleased that I have these pictures to accompany the lovely memories of a wonderful day spent admiring the beautiful colours of Autumn.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Not Another Blanket?

I posted about the early stages of this blanket back in June when I'd been working on making solid grannies, or elmer squares as they're commonly called.

Rather than creating squares of one colour only I was using a new colour for each round when I came across the Festiva pattern on Poppy & Bliss. This pattern is so similar to what I was already doing that I decided to incorporate the lovely 'dotty' round before moving on to white to join all the squares together.

So yes I've made yet another blanket, even though I don't really need one. I just love crocheting squares and then assembling them to create one piece of colourful coziness.

As with so many of my projects I used Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in Teal, Spring Green, Aspen, Turquoise, Aster, Cloud Blue and White.

I also went a bit mad taking loads of photos too, enjoy :-)

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Vintage or Antique?

During the Summer I was shown an ancestor's doily and asked to make a replacement because it's disintegrating badly. I'm not surprised as it must be between 50 and 120 years old by our reckoning so that makes it either vintage or antique, I'm not sure which. It didn't take long to come up with something that resembles the original, although I changed the central motif to fill out that area a little more.

Original on right hand side

All in all it was a fun little exercise and I was glad to be able to extend the life of the pattern within my family. I've been given some other vintage or antique doilies made by the same person so must find time to photograph and maybe try to make replacements for those too...one day...