Thursday, 14 June 2018

Dreaming of Spring (in Summer)

No I haven't forgotten that we've moved on to Summer now, Dreaming of Spring is the name of this lovely minty green doily, designed by Olga Poltava of the Lacy Crochet blog. I made the doily really quickly with a 2 mm hook and Boyes mercerised crochet cotton (approximately 17 g) but left it for quite some time before it resurfaced and I got on with blocking it.

I had absolutely no problems following the pattern and what's great is that it's free too, just follow the link and you can make one too.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A Cross Stitch for Summer

As May draws to an end, Spring fades into early Summer as the seasons move on again. We've been lucky enough this month to be able to sit outside in the garden and enjoy some sunny weather as Spring caught up with the prolonged colder start than normal.
The garden has sprouted like crazy and we're trying to keep on top of it a little better than in previous years by pruning back hard and getting rid of weeds before they have a chance to get going. Birds are nesting in the garden so we're having to work around certain areas to avoid disturbing them. Yesterday I spotted a pair of house martins clinging to the bricks of our home and watched them flying back and forth so we might have some messy window sills if they decide to nest here again this year.
In the countryside around us the rapeseed has been and gone, replaced by a sea of fresh green which has been transformed by the blood red colour of poppies which have just opened in the fields in the past few days. They really are a spectacular sight right now.
At home I keep flitting about between crafty projects but in the past couple of weeks I've settled on a new countrified cross stitch of a hare in a field of flowers, or are they weeds? I started with the hare to get a focal point and because I think that the flowers will be the most interesting and satisfying part of the design to make. It's beginning to take shape now, can you spot the cross stitch poppies?


Sunday, 20 May 2018

A Quick Make

In between other projects I fancied some instant crafty satisfaction without too much thought required on my part. I settled upon Nicki Trench's Rose Headband pattern from the book Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers. The colours that I chose match perfectly with our Wisteria which is at its peak right now and looking oh so pretty :-)

Now I plan to get back to other projects that I've got on the go at the moment, I've got lots to choose from. I've started quite a bit of crochet recently as well as a new cross stitch which I'm beginning to regret already as I chose evenweave and I can barely see the holes. I've also got a bit of pattern writing for some new afghan blocks which I hope to have ready to release over the Summer.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Spring Sakura Bunny

With the hope of Spring in the air last month I started to crochet a bunny. I don't particularly need one but kept getting drawn to the idea after spending far too much time looking at projects of bunnies in their beautiful knitted clothes on Ravelry. There must still be a child in me wanting to dress up dolls and teddies and so a bunny was most definitely required.

I started by crocheting the arms and body in this pattern for a bunny, substituting double crochet stitches for stocking stitch, then created my own head and legs as it became evident that my crocheted parts were turning out longer and thinner than if they'd been knitted. So the bunny is quite tall and lean but, once clothed, looks fine, I think.

I wanted an outfit to celebrate the season and chose sakura, Japanese cherry blossom, as my inspiration. The chart for the patterned part of the dress is quite simple but when it came to working three colours at the same time it just didn't work for me so I knitted the center of the flowers in cream as well as the petals. My intention was to work these stitches over the top afterwards but the yarn didn't contrast well enough with the background of the dress so I resorted to using beads instead. It kind of works, maybe?

Once my beaded sakura dress was done I used this pattern to create a teeny-weeny coordinating cardigan. It's so cute that I made a second one for another bunny that I made last year.

I really must stop making bunnies.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Cherry Blossom Heaven

I think that I jinxed the weather with my post at the end of last month because it turned again and became unseasonably colder and more miserable than it should have been for the time of year. Normally the leaves on the trees and hedges start popping out at the end of March/beginning of April but not this year.

Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of the last week Summer arrived instead of Spring and the heat brought everything out at once. We've had some absolutely glorious weather for the past five days. It was so heavenly that I dusted down the garden chairs and sat outside and crocheted for the first time this year, what a treat.

I've also been treated to one of my favourite moments of the year, the arrival of cherry blossom, both here in our garden and elsewhere. Although I've passed the dinky cottage in these pictures for years and years I'm always delighted to see it's beautiful tree smoothered in white flowers. It's always been my intention to stop and take some pictures but somehow it's never happened until now.

So here are some magical cherry blossom moments from both our pink tree and the white tree at the cottage, both of which are flowering in abundance :-)

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Fair Isle and C2C Triangles

I still dream of making some beautiful Fair Isle but I haven't yet found a pattern that I trust myself to complete. Instead I've recently scratched the itch for the time being by copying patterns from sections of a shop bought cardigan.


The little bag that I've made isn't perfect and I'll have to find out how to avoid creating holes when finishing one section and starting another. There's always something new to learn but one way around it that I've since discovered is to knit with one plain yarn and one self changing coloured yarn, hey why didn't I think of that? That method would also get rid of all the ends too.

I've also been trying out something new, C2C. I chose Tatsiana Kupryianchyk's triangles from the C2C Pastel Triangles Pillow pattern. I absolutely love the squishy texture of this little blanket and thoroughly enjoyed making the triangles so I'll definitely try C2C again.

Both of these projects were made with Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in the following colours - clematis, wisteria, violet, magenta, plum, candyfloss, fondant and raspberry. I've pretty much used up all the leftover recycled yarn from an old blanket so now I can chose some new yarn to work with :-)