Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Frida's Flowers - Finished at Last

I won't write much here today about my Frida's Rose Garden blanket as I've already posted about it many times before. The colour combinations can be found here, here and here. The only extra thing I can add to these posts is that I've used a flat join for the first time to put the blanket together and I'm quite happy with the results :-)

Monday, 1 May 2017

Stripes 'n' Squares Cushion

Looking for inspiration I went through some old knitting magazines a few months ago and came across a mitred squares blanket pattern that took my interest. Despite much trying I couldn't manage to knit shapes which turned out completely square. I did lots of googling and tried various suggestions but I still wasn't very impressed with my results so I gave up on the idea. But the bug for solid squares wouldn't go away so I decided to crochet some instead.

As I made strips of squares and played around with placing them next to each other I had what I thought was a bright idea, why not add stripes in between the squares?

After lots of faffing about I realised that the only way I could get my squares to align up properly was to make the stripes using a combination of left and right handed crocheting.

I found it really challenging to try to coordinate my brain and hands to reverse themselves in order to work in a left handed way but I think that the effort was worth the finished effect.

For the border I didn't want anything that would distract attention away from the stripes and squares so I simply added a round of double crochet followed by a scalloped edge.

For the back I decided to use some gingham material and hand sewed it to three sides of the front of the cushion cover before crocheting a flap on the fourth side and sewing on some buttons to close it.

The yarn that I used to make this cushion with is Stylecraft Special double knitting in the following shades - pale rose, silver, duck egg, soft peach, wisteria, clematis and candyfloss.

Yay, one more item to cross off the long list of unfinished things :-)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Quick WIP Around

I thought I'd go on a quick whip around today to show off my WIPs.

My Frida's Rose Garden blanket is looking very colourful and on the whole I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. There is very little work left to do so I'll have to see if I can cross this one off the list soon. I've really enjoyed working on these flowers and I'm keeping an eye out for a new Janie Crow design to replace this with.

Here's a first for me, I'm having a go at knitting an Alan Dart pattern. I still have a few more pieces of it left to make as well as putting it all together. I must admit that the sewing is already putting me off making any further progress with this one.

I absolutely love this shawl, it hangs beautifully and just needs blocking to open it all up. The problem is I don't have a blocking mat big enough to take it and it will have to be steamed which I'm very nervous about doing in case I ruin it. So there's some ingenuity and courage required to get this one complete. Given that it's Spring and we will be moving towards Summer soon there's not really much incentive to get this done at the moment but you never know.

Phew, now I've caught up to things that I started to make this year. Firstly I found a pattern which uses beads that caught my eye and I'm absolutely loving working with them. I thought bead work would be difficult because I didn't realise that you simply add them all first and then pick them up as you are going along. I'll certainly be choosing to work with beads again.

Then there's the cushion that I referred to in my last post. It's still not finished but I've managed to hand sew two sides of the backing on to it. Then I stopped because I think that it really does need some sort of fastening. I have poppers but I didn't realise that you need a special tool to add them so I've bought buttons instead.

My Moon Blossom blanket is really coming along and I have somebody in mind to gift it to so I'd better get a move on.

I started making these little flowers in March, inspired by the first daisies of the year. I know that they don't really look anything like daisies, do they, they look more like sweeties.

On the cross stitch front, I haven't started anything new this year and I have made lots of progress since I last posted about Pooh's Group Hug. This picture shows some of it.

Finally, having said earlier this month that I wouldn't start on anything new until some of my older WIPs are complete, I've started to make a couple more things. I haven't got a picture of one of them but here's the latest which I started to make yesterday.

I'm not sure what it's going to be yet but I quite like the limited colour palette and the texture created by the bulky, variegated yarn. It's quite a different approach for me.

So although the plan was to finish the cushion, I suspect that I'll be picking up my hook and working more on this blue/chocolately thing in the near future.

I will finish something eventually...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Crafty Slow Down

I've lost my crafty way a bit recently so I've decided that I ought to finish what I've already got on the go before I start anything new. I think I've made this decision before but not stuck to it so hopefully I can do better this time.

I've chosen to finish a cushion which has a front but no back. Since I want to finish it quickly I decided to use a piece of material and popper it shut. However, I realised after I'd cut the material out that I hadn't added sufficient for an overlap so I'll have to insert a zip instead. Sewing really isn't my thing so it might languish for a few more days whilst I have a good think about it. That's my problem, too much thinking and not enough action. I still can't decide whether to add some embroidery to the front either so I'm a bit of a lost cause at the moment.

Outside Spring has turned into Summer this week-end and people have reached for their flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. Barbeques have been fired up and the heating has even been turned off (although it looks like we'll need it back on again tomorrow).

Everything has burst open at once, leaves, tree blossom and flowers. Blink and you'll miss the most wonderful time of the year. Earlier I took full advantage of the lovely weather and took a few pictures of some of the wonders to be seen. If only Spring lasted longer...